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Accounting services

No nasty shocks

The quicker you know your numbers, the better you’re placed to make the right commercial decisions. With no nasty shocks when your tax bill’s due. And no last minute rush to complete your accounts. We can take away your admin burden, and give you the financial information you need, when you need it.


Year end accounts

Our service is always based on getting your accounts done quickly and accurately, presenting them in a clear, understandable way, and making sure you know your tax liabilities in advance.


We believe it’s all about timing. As well as avoiding that lastminute rush to get your books together, you’ll gain from knowing early what your financial performance is like, and what your potential tax liabilities are. You’ll be able to assess your financial position, and address any issues early - like increasing overheads or reducing margins.


We work for virtually every type of business and organisation, and tailor what we do to suit your needs. This can range from providing a set of accounts in the correct legal format, through to in-depth analysis, business consultancy and tax planning. We can also work with you to refine your accounting systems to reduce the production costs of your year-end accounts.


Management accounts

Like many other businesses, you might need accounts on a more frequent basis, to keep track of business performance and implement sound financial control. Monthly, quarterly or half-yearly accounts might be needed to satisfy your bank, investors or lenders – and to give them confidence that your business is following principles of sound financial management.


We can prepare your accounts for the periods that you want, and in the format you choose ... whatever meets your needs best. You’ll have up-to-date information to help you manage the business effectively, know what your tax liabilities are, and make the right decisions.


Bookkeeping and VAT

It can be hard to concentrate on managing and developing the business when you’re bogged down by admin. Outsourcing your bookkeeping to us lets you offload the paperwork so you can focus on more important things … safe in the knowledge that everything’s being dealt with efficiently.


Our service is tailored to what you need. We could just run your sales ledger, or deal with all of your bookkeeping processes - statements, credit control, purchase ledger, cash book, and VAT returns. An added benefit of this is that we can be even more proactive with our advice, as we’re more in tune with your business.


UK subsidiaries

If you’re involved in reporting as a UK subsidiary company to an overseas group, we understand the issues you may face in working to a specific and unique format with very tight deadlines. We’re experienced in meeting the needs of international and multinational businesses, and can provide a complete service for UK subsidiaries.


We can take care of UK regulations and compliance, and even operate as your finance department … leaving you free to concentrate on even more important things.


New and improved systems

Are you getting what you want from your accounting system? If you’re looking to improve your system – maybe to increase accuracy, create cost savings or reduce risks – we can help. You can call on our expertise to make sure you get the information you want from your system, and we can also get involved in the practical aspects of helping you set it up. And if you’re thinking about implementing entirely new systems and IT, we can help there too. We’re experienced in helping clients to streamline their processes to reduce admin time, and increase the quality of the data they produce.

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Business consultancy

Need some advice?

It’s good to talk. Especially with someone who’s familiar with your business, and who can give you regular, expert advice. If you’re struggling with a particular problem, having a sounding board can help you see your situation in a different light. And we’ve almost certainly come across it before …


Practical experience

Because of our personal and professional experience of managing businesses in a wide variety of industries, our input isn’t limited to bean counting. We can help you deal with commercial issues ranging from insurance, IT and data protection to HR, employment law, health and safety, and countless more. If you need specialist help to deal with a particular issue, we’ll be able to find the advice you need from within our trusted network of professionals.


Of course we naturally provide financial management consultancy which often sits alongside a range of accounting and tax services. Management accounts, payroll services, budgeting, forecasting … the more we do for you, the more you’ll want us to do.


You stay in control

Our job is to listen and advise, not spout information at you. So while we’ll always give you clear advice and proactive suggestions, you’re the one who makes the decisions. You call the shots. Tell us what advice you need, when and in what format, and we’ll deliver.


And we always aim to keep things simple and easy to understand. We talk in plain English. No jargon.


On our radar

We put your business on our radar. We keep abreast of changes that are relevant to your industry or marketplace. We’ll always be thinking in your interests, and passing on ideas or resources we come across that may be of help to you.


We can also put you in contact with other people and organisations that may be of benefit to your business, and even other experts who may be able to help your development.


Up to the mark

Not sure how you’re progressing? We can help by benchmarking your business against other similar organisations to see where you’re doing well, where not so well, and where you might need to focus attention. We can also help you assess your competitors.


Common areas of advice

Pricing and margins – looking at your current costing and pricing systems and suggesting possible improvements


Cost control – measuring and monitoring your cost base, identifying areas of potential cost reduction and/or productivity improvement


Key performance indicators – identifying, measuring and monitoring the key factors for the success of your business


Capital investments and project appraisal – looking at capital spending proposals and financing options, assessing return on investment, and helping you make sure before you make the commitment that you’re going to get the results you want


Risk assessment – identifying possible risk areas and implementing the right business structure and systems in order to reduce your exposure


Strategic advice – identifying and helping you react early to threats to your business and helping you identify and exploit commercial opportunities


Customer and supplier appraisals Impartial assessment and analysis of:

Suppliers – supply side threats, relationships, discounts
Customers – bad debts, credit scoring, credit control
Market – market trends, changesin legislation, emerging threats and opportunities

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Business startup

Getting Going

Setting up a new business can be a bit of a daunting process. With so much to think about - from government regulations to tax, bank accounts and employment issues - it’s not always easy to know where to begin. You just want to cut through the admin and get going as quickly as possible.


What’s the best structure?

We can help you choose the most appropriate structure in which to trade or hold assets - whether it’s sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership or limited company. This way you can ensure that your assets are protected right from the outset, and that your activities are taxed in the most effective way.


Up and running fast

We can form companies or limited liability partnerships electronically - so your new business is set up within hours, and you’re up and running really quickly. We can advise you on the most effective ownership or share structure, and guide you through the tax and commercial implications.


We can also help you open a bank account, register for VAT, set up a PAYE scheme and register with HM Revenue & Customs - all smoothly, easily, and without delays or complications.


Ditch the red tape

We can become your registered office … something we do for many clients. This helps you by cutting down on the red tape that you’d otherwise receive directly. We deal with statutory notices, and ensure that the paperwork is handled quickly and professionally, so you don’t have to worry about it.


If you need a forwarding service and address for mail, fax or telephone, we can take care of it for you. For overseas companies we can provide permanent establishment for tax purposes, dealing with fiscal and commercial representation.


What accounting records do I keep?

It’s important that your accounting system is relevant for you and your business. Whether you’re a one person business with one transaction a month, or a business with thousands of transactions every month, we can advise you on the best record-keeping and accounting system to set up. With our extensive knowledge of all leading accounting software products, you can benefit from our experience to avoid setting off on the wrong foot.


Business plans and forecasts

We can help you write a business plan and complete forecasts - either for your own peace of mind to test your business model, or to present your start-up to potential lenders such as the bank or a potential investor. Our experience will help you put together an effective business plan. You can plug into our network of professionals to find out if there are any grants that are available for your business. We’re also experienced in handling grant applications, so we can make this process as hassle-free as it can be for you.


Commercial advice

Our key people have spent time in commerce and industry as well as the accounting profession – so you can benefit from our commercial experience and sound commercial advice too, right from the outset.


Secretarial services

We provide a wide range of company secretarial services to save you time and money. We file online with the Government gateway in as close to real time as possible. You can use us to maintain your company’s statutory records and handle everything from special and ordinary resolutions to register of members, recording share transfers, changes in officers, change of details, issue of shares, statutory notices and dividend vouchers. For a nominal fee you can free yourself from all these things and not let them bog you down.


Agreements with shareholders

What happens if your co-shareholder gets hit by a proverbial bus? Do you get their shares? And if so, how much do you pay? It’s always a good idea to sort these issues out before they become a real problem.


We can assist you with advice on the commercial and business aspects of agreements with your fellow shareholders, including preparing a formal (or less formal) agreement that’s tailored to your situation.


Angels and entrepreneurs

If you’re interested in investment by a business angel or serial entrepreneur, we can advise you on schemes that encourage this kind of investment, and whether they’re suitable for what you need.


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Business tax

Keeping your money

OK, tax is complicated. But dealing with us is simple. We make it easy for you and deliver advice in a clear, straightforward way. We keep up-todate with the latest tax planning strategies, budget changes and tax regulations with one clear aim: to reduce your tax burden and save you money.


Protecting your interests

It’s all too easy for your business to get caught out on compliance, incur penalties and overlook possible savings. But with the right advisor on your side you can get it right and save money – taking full advantage of all the many potential ways to reduce your tax burden.


Our comprehensive service makes sure that your overall tax position is as good as it possibly can be. We protect you from the tax authorities by helping you comply ... and we’re quick off the mark in reacting to changes in tax law and actively suggesting new ways you can save.


Income tax, corporation tax, VAT, PAYE, National Insurance, stamp duty, benefits in kind … helping you minimise your business taxes, and understanding how they interact with your personal tax situation, we work hard to ensure the best results for you overall.


Corporation tax

Whether you’re a group of companies or a one-man limited company, effective corporation tax planning minimises the exposure of your business to tax. We can advise you on the most tax-efficient company structure, and help you plan how to take money out in the most tax-efficient way to maximise your wealth.


Saving you the burden of dealing with computations and returns, we make sure that you’ve complied with regulations ... advising you early of your expected liability, and enabling you to secure all possible tax relief claims and allowances.


VAT consultancy

VAT can be complicated – and you may well need protection to reduce your exposure to the VAT man. So in addition to undertaking VAT health checks and handling your routine requirements, we help you to be proactive in guarding against possible challenges. Our tried and tested strategies pay dividends in securing the best results in VAT enquiries … and if you do have a significant dispute, we can help fight your case in a VAT tribunal.


As well as advice as to which VAT scheme would be best for your situation, we provide specialist expertise in areas such as VAT on property, retail schemes, zero-rated supplies and partial exemption, VAT in the EU, and on supplies and purchases outside the EU. We can also act as your VAT representative if you need one – for example on behalf of foreign-registered entities.


PAYE and payroll taxes

Again, we’re on your side – helping you to get it right, and defending your corner if your status is challenged in instances such as PAYE audits or IR35/status disputes. This often starts with planning to ensure you’re set up in a compliant way, and as taxefficiently as you can be in areas such as remuneration packages and cars.


As well as helping with preparing year-end payroll forms, filing returns online and reporting benefits in kind, we provide expert advice on schemes such as salary sacrifice, holiday pay, sick pay, maternity and paternity pay, national minimum wage, construction industry scheme, employees working overseas, pension issues and medical benefits.


Overseas taxation

We can also help if you’re based overseas … with advice on how to set up in the UK, advice regarding the UK aspects of your tax affairs, or how your UK tax position interacts with your international activities. If you need UK representation, we can provide this too.


Tax investigations

The consequences of mishandling a tax investigation can be serious. But with our proven experience and expertise in handling investigations, we can make sure you’re in the strongest possible position.


Whether you’re facing an aspect enquiry or full investigation, you’ll benefit from our tax enquiry strategies and unique knowledge of the internal machinery of HMRC … and our reputation and investigation handling will ensure a robust defence against any challenges they may make.


We can deal with appeals to commissioners of HMRC, obtain tax counsel opinion on your behalf, and represent you at commissioners’ hearings.


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Buying or selling a business

Get it right Buying or selling?

If you’re buying or selling a business, the stakes are high. So it has to be right. Right time, right price, right arrangement, right fit. We can help you avoid the risks, and enjoy the rewards.


Bringing it all together

Drawing on our experience of acting for sellers and buyers, we’re ideally placed to help project manage your business sale or purchase.


Bringing commercial, legal, taxation and accounting issues together, you can use us as your principal contact and sounding board through the whole process … helping with negotiations, pulling the various experts together so you don’t get bogged down, and communicating everything in clear and simple language.


Business valuations

Whether you are buying or selling, you’ll be able to benefit from our extensive experience of valuing businesses in a wide range of different industries. In any year we perform a number of formal business valuations ranging from resolving disputes between owners to agreeing tax liabilities, raising finance or valuing a deceased’s estate. We can provide you with an informal outline valuation or a more formal detailed one - so you can benefit from our experience and make more informed decisions.


Buying a business

Whether you’re a first time buyer, a manager buying out existing owners or a strategic buyer looking to develop or diversify your current operations, the big questions are the same. Are you doing the right thing? Will it work out? What will things look like in five, ten years time? We’ll help you think things through, and develop a strategy for handling negotiations and the deal process itself.


We’re on your side. You can draw on our knowledge and experience during negotiations to ensure the deal is in your best interests from all points of view -commercial, taxation and personal risk.


Skeletons in the cupboard?

We provide a range of commercial and financial due diligence services to help you assess whether what you’re expecting to buy is actually what you’re going to buy. The process can uncover previously unrecognised risks and liabilities, highlight any flaws in the business model, and help to expand your knowledge of the business. So you know what it is you’re buying, and gain the confidence you need before you proceed.


Raising finance

Need finance to do the deal? We can plug you into our extensive network of tried and trusted finance providers ... and connect you with banks and finance houses, investors and business angels. We can help you secure finance by preparing effective business plans, financial projections and writing proposals – making sure you sign up on favourable terms.


Selling your business

It pays to think ahead. We can help you groom your business to optimise your position and achieve the best possible result. Done properly and proactively, this process can take years rather than months. We can help you create an exit strategy, identify potential buyers or plan for succession.


Share deal or asset deal?

We can help you decide on the best structure for selling your business, both from commercial and taxation points of view. Naturally this interacts with your personal tax circumstances, as well as your family’s overall wealth and tax planning. We’re well placed to clearly explain the options available, and make recommendations so you can choose the structure that’s right for you.


On your side

Understand the legals? You can use our experience of the maze of sale and purchase agreements, asset sale agreements, tax warranties, indemnities, restrictive covenants, shareholder agreements and so on. We’ll help you boil these documents down to plain English so that you can understand them. And we’ll look out for you, to make sure you’re aware of what you’re entering into.


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Audit & assurance

Knowing how you stand

It pays to have an annual audit. Whether or not your business legally needs one, it helps you keep on top of your finances so you know where you stand. It avoids conflicts of interest. It adds credibility to your business. And it helps you sleep at night.


Over the limit?

As registered UK auditors we can help you satisfy your statutory responsibilities if your business is of a certain size and your financial statements need to be audited. For regular trading companies this is necessary if your turnover, gross assets and number of employees exceed certain set limits.


We can help you discharge your responsibilities under the Companies Acts in a cost-effective and easy way.


Special cases

Some entities require an audit regardless of size – and we can help by undertaking audits in any of these specialised areas:


  • Charities
  • Pension schemes
  • Public companies
  • Organisations regulated under Financial Services Regulations
  • Insurance companies
  • Industrial and provident societies
  • Friendly societies
  • Building societies
  • Solicitors
  • Chartered surveyors
  • Estate agents
  • Subsidiaries of overseas companies
  • Travel agents
  • Registered social landlords
  • Landlords registered under the Landlord & Tenants Act
  • Environment and recycling


Even if your business doesn’t need an annual audit, a specialist audit report may be required. You may need an audit report to satisfy conditions of a grant application or if you are seeking other specialist finance. We can help you satisfy these requirements in a cost-effective way.


No panic

We don’t believe in leaving things to the last minute. Rushing around to find documents and get papers signed isn’t good for your blood pressure. So we’ll get your audit done as soon after your year end as practical – so you can complete and move on to even more important things.


Why an annual audit makes good sense

Having your accounts audited every year makes good financial and commercial sense for a whole lot of reasons. Here are just some of them:


  • Audited accounts, in our experience, are less likely to be subject to HMRC enquiry
  • They send a message of sound financial control and credibility
  • They can help if you’re looking to attract outside or equity finance
  • They can help you make sure your systems are operating correctly, and spot any weaknesses
  • They bring to light any “going concern” issues sooner rather than later
  • They provide reassurance to shareholders who may not get involved in day-to-day finances that the company’s financial statements are reliable – and that there’s a reduced risk of fraud
  • They demonstrate to potential purchasers that you have a serious and well run business if you’re preparing for sale or merger
  • They provide information that may be needed by specialist suppliers
  • They add credibility for bankers or lenders, especially if your company is bound by banking covenants

Family businesses

In many small businesses there are often several members of a family in key positions. This can potentially lead to conflicts of interest, rivalry, and poor management control. As an independent party in our role as auditors, we can look at the business objectively and help manage any tensions.


This often provides a valuable service in removing conflict, bringing better governance and control, and ensuring the credibility of the financial statements that are issued to all members.


Ensuring compliance

It’s in your interests to ensure that you’re fully complying with your statutory responsibilities. Our team of experts can evaluate your processes, and help and advise you on issues such as internal controls, whether you’re following correct UK GAAP procedure, IAS implementation, risk assurance and governance.

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Personal tax

Making the most of your wealth

There’s a real benefit to having expert people looking after you. We can help you make sure everything’s in place to make your overall tax position as good as it can possibly be.


With proactive planning, we ensure taxes charged are minimised and that your own family’s wealth is maximised.


Tax returns

HMRC tell us that tax doesn’t have to be taxing – but it often is! We can help you through the minefield of completing your personal tax return each year all the way through to online filing … proactively obtaining the information that’s needed so we can tell you your tax liabilities or tax position as early as possible.


As you’d expect, we take every opportunity to ensure that you take full advantage of all possible tax relief claims and allowances, and all the potential ways to reduce your tax burden. We do everything necessary to help you comply, and we’re quick to suggest new ways you can save.


Personal tax planning

With the growing complexity of ever-changing tax legislation, we can help you with your personal tax planning - saving you time and money. We advise on many personal tax areas including inheritance tax, capital gains tax, pension planning, estate planning and the design of tax-efficient remuneration packages for owner-managers or key employees.


We’ll work closely with your legal advisors to ensure that arrangements are in place and implemented properly. If you need us to help you find a legal advisor, we can arrange that too.


Joined up thinking

Planning ahead for you and your family is one of the many areas our proactive approach can really help. Where we also handle your business affairs, we’re in the best possible position to advise on your personal tax ... finding the most efficient ways to maximise your personal wealth, while minimising your exposure to the wide range of taxes you might face. The decisions you take need to be right for you, your business and your family. Tax can play an important part in these decisions, alongside other personal, practical and investment considerations.


You can tap into our expertise in areas from savings and investments to pension arrangements, life assurance, mortgages, provision for school fees, trusts and wills, inheritance tax, and pre-retirement planning. If you need the specialised services of other professionals such as an IFA, stockbroker or solicitor, we can introduce you to other tried and trusted advisors.


Tax enquiries

If you are selected for an HMRC tax enquiry, we can provide a full specialist consultancy service to work with you, help you through the process, and achieve the best possible result. With many years of experience in successfully defending clients’ positions, including providing advocacy at HMRC Commissioners meetings, we’re known and well respected in HMRC offices. You’ll be in good hands.


Tax protection

If you’ve ever been targeted for tax investigation, you’ll know how expensive and time-consuming it can be. And the risk increases with new HMRC initiatives, and ever more complicated tax legislation.


So it pays to protect yourself against the costs of professional fees in dealing with a full blown HMRC enquiry ... and we can arrange this insurance for you through a specialised provider. You can also take out cover to guard against specific risks or tax points – such as possible challenges if you’re selling your business. You can insure against this and cover the cost of the extra tax, should HMRC be successful.


Overseas tax

Understanding the UK tax system can be difficult enough at times … but understanding tax systems in countries throughout the world can be even more of a challenge. We can offer you in-depth knowledge and experience in areas such as offshore planning, tax for non-residents, and non-resident landlord issues. We may even be able to suggest ways in which you can restructure your affairs to save further tax.


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Business turnaround

Staying Afloat

It feels like everyone’s against you. You’re running out of cash. Your suppliers are leaning on you, and the bank’s asking hard questions. Maybe you don’t know what to do. When things get tough, we’re on your side ... helping to support you and protect your interests.


Regular health checks

If your business is in difficulty, it’s essential to seek advice as soon as possible. As a sole trader or partner, you’re ultimately personally responsible for the debts of your business. As a company director (or member of a limited liability partnership) you may not be personally liable, but you’ll still have legal obligations to fulfil.


One key obligation (on top of the obvious self-interest!) is that you must monitor your financial position regularly. Company directors can be prosecuted if debts are run up after the point at which they should have concluded that the company couldn’t avoid insolvent liquidation.


We can help you keep on top of your financial performance with regular accounts, forecasts and advice. This often includes ‘snapshots’ of the solvency of the business – whenever they’re needed – together with advice on your position and responsibilities.


Timely strategic advice

We can assist you in developing a strategy for achieving success and maximising your position. We can help you identify threats to the business’s survival and help you identify commercial opportunities. Strategic planning can put you in a position to react to threats in good time and put you in a position to profit from opportunities. Not only is this sound business practice but it also discharges some of your responsibilities as company director to act in the best interests of shareholders, employees and creditors.


Addressing the warning signs

Credit Control
If you’re regularly failing to receive the money you’re owed by customers for goods or services, your cash flow can suffer serious damage. You may well have to borrow money and pay interest on it to make up the shortfall. We can help you develop sound credit control procedures, run credit checks on new customers, formally chase late payers, and seek Court judgments on unpaid commercial debts. If you want, you can even outsource your sales ledger and credit control to us completely.


Bad debts
The more you depend upon a particular customer, the higher the risk that one bad debt – or a series of them – will cause your business major problems and serious damage. We can help you stay alert to the financial health of your customers, and reduce your exposure to the risk of bad debts. And once you’re aware that a significant debt is likely not to be paid, we can advise on your options for mitigating the effects of nonpayment.


Bank borrowings
If you’re regularly failing to receive the money you’re owed by customers for goods or services, your cash flow can suffer serious damage. You may well have to borrow money and pay interest on it to make up the shortfall. We can help you develop sound credit control procedures, run credit checks on new customers, formally chase late payers, and seek Court judgments on unpaid commercial debts. If you want, you can even outsource your sales ledger and credit control to us completely.


Rising overheads
Businesses often increase overheads - including rent payments, staff wages and maintenance expenses - in the expectation of increased turnover. If you’re in this situation, we can help you keep a close eye on how your overall financial performance has changed following an increase like this.



If the monitoring of your finances shows that your business is already insolvent or in serious danger of becoming so, you’ll need to consider rescue procedures. We can help you explore your options. If the problem can’t be solved by attracting new finance, we can help you explore the possibility of entering into an informal arrangement with creditors, such as a debt for equity swap.


If you conclude that there’s no option but to use a more formal rescue mechanism, we can advise on your statutory options and introduce you to a registered Insolvency Practitioner to formally appoint.


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